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Fumex launches the FTE – a new radial fan for the most challenging environments

To meet the high industrial demand for a safe and clean work environment, Fumex launches a new range of high-quality radial fans called FTE. It is made to handle larger particles and high concentrations of dust-laden air efficiently.

For various interior reasons, some industrial workplaces are unable to install filter units in their extraction system. The new product range from Fumex, the FTE, is set to meet those challenges and guarantee a healthy work environment.

The new range of radial fans targets workplaces with high concentrations of dust-laden air. The welded impeller, made from heavy-duty steel sheets, has straight blades allowing it to manage dust with less risk of imbalance that could cause bearing damage.

Compared to similar models on the market, Fumex FTE has more space between the blades, providing a more wide design capable of handling larger particles.


Five different models

Fumex FTE is available in five models – 075, 150, 220, 400 and 750, going from 0,75 kW to 7,5 kW. It can handle airflows up to 6600 m3/h (1830 l/s).

The robust radial fan is easy to install and can be used with other Fumex products, such as extraction arms and control units. The direction of the outlet is easily changed by turning the fan housing.

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