Customer: IKEA

IKEA focuses on quality

As IKEA’s first testing laboratory outside Sweden, IKEA Test and Training Centre (ITTC) strives to offer product testing, technical training and technical support to the highest quality. Top skills within a wide range of areas are concentrated in Shanghai, and the testing laboratory has the testing capacity required to achieve the high standards the company sets for its products regarding quality, health and safety.

Since 2010, ITTC has conducted tests on IKEA’s furniture, toys, textiles, leather, packaging materials and chemical products. The new test laboratory comprises a total of 15,000 square metres spread over four floors and it conducts over 200,000 tests per year. In order to be able to handle that many tests, good and effective air quality is required. This is where Fumex has had an important role to play.

Per Lundmark, General Manager at ITTC, said:

− “When we built our lab, we wanted to create a work environment that was free from interruptions and problems, and this placed high demands on the supplier. Our previous good experience with Fumex’ products and knowing that they are able to live up to our high demands determined the choice of supplier.”

And of course this was the case. Ikea’s first testing facility in China has been using Fumex’s local extractor TERFU for many years. We supplied the new testing laboratory with our latest local extractor model for laboratory environments – the well-regarded Fumex ME, which has a new design, a lower noise level and, not least, a lower energy consumption.

− “ITTC in Shanghai is a fine example that shows we have both the resources and the products required to create high quality solutions, regardless of project size or the project’s geographical location,” Stefan Johansson, Export Sales Manager at Fumex concluded.”


Customer: Karolinska Institutet, KI

Flexible solution was the best medicine

Karolinska Institutet, KI, is one of the world’s leading medical universities. By conducting research and training, KI plays a pivotal role in improving peoples’ health. In Sweden, the institute is responsible for the single largest proportion of medical academic research and it offers the largest range of medical training courses.

When KI was looking to gather a large part of their experimental and advanced research environment under one roof in the research facility Biomedicum, they needed a flexible laboratory interior that could easily be rearranged according to requirements of the project. Such a research environment also placed high demands on the adaptability of the ventilation.

The responsible installation engineer, Kurt-Henrik Rönnblom, said:

– “KI commissioned us to put forward a proposal for laboratory interiors focusing on plug ’n’ play and adaptability, and we used this to guide us.”

The solution was to have wall brackets on specially adapted panels with stepless rails. That made it possible to adjust the wall plate sideways, making it simple and straightforward to move the extractors to the desired position. Fumex’ MiniTEX, a compact, telescopic local extractor with high air velocity in the suction nozzle and effective capture of pollutants, was used as an extractor in the system.

Kurt-Henrik Rönnblom continued:

– “By using Fumex’ compact MiniTEX, we were also able to ensure that the pressure drop did not exceed 100 Pa.”

This solution resulted in a flexible and efficient ventilation system that both safeguarded the function and quality of Biomedicum’s research environment and facilitated continuous world-class research.

Customer: Saab Kockums

Clean air a priority objective in submarine plant

The shipyard in Karlskrona where Saab Kockums manufactures submarines dates back to the 17th century and is today a state-of-the-art workplace for around 700 employees. The A26, the world’s most modern submarine, is produced here. In order to be able to continue producing world-class submarines, the company needed to invest in both the premises and machinery, as well as recruiting employees.

When the new production line was to be designed, the company wanted to eliminate the work environment problem in the halls caused by the large amounts of flue gas and particles generated during welding. Solving this task was not completely straightforward since the production line and the halls are enormous.
The installation engineer who had been awarded this special assignment by Saab Kockums chose to engage Fumex as an adviser and together we developed a solution that captured pollutants in a very efficient way.

The installation engineer, First Name Surname, said:

– “Saab Kockums was not an ordinary project. The hall size, the volume, the ceiling height, the number of stations, the rough and fine welding, etc. The project involved many challenges that required skills and effective products.”

Fumex, Saab Kockums and the local installation engineer together focused on the different work areas to develop solutions to capture pollutants as close to the source as possible. Due to the enormous size of the plant, over 100 local extractors were required to achieve the desired result. Some local extractors ended up being up to 11 metres long. In addition, all local extractors needed to be connected together with the filters required to purify the air effectively.

Rickard Hensfelt, responsible for Region West at Fumex, concluded:

– “This was a prestigious project where we were able to really show what we can do. Implementing the project together was really successful. This is exactly how we want to work. Locally, and in close cooperation with the installation engineer and the end user.”

Customer: Volvo Buses

New ventilation system makes Volvo’s production faster

Volvo Buses is one of the world’s largest bus manufacturers. With quality, safety and the environment as their core values, the company wants to develop innovative solutions that move both the industry and society forward and which help make everyday life easier for people and cities – today and tomorrow.

In order to achieve their ambitions, Volvo needs to take the core values into consideration in everything the company does. Everything from product development and manufacturing to the actual products and services.

When the company wanted to expand their ventilation system in order to maintain the same high quality in their production environment, they chose Fumex.
The solution was CFE dust filters connected in parallel for really large airflows where particles and welding fumes are efficiently eliminated from an air volume of up to 25,000 m³/h per unit. It also features on-demand cleaning of the filter cartridges through efficient power pulse valves. This means that the filters also can be cleaned during operation or through predefined cleaning cycles when the unit is not in operation.

The units were also connected to a heat exchanger in order to efficiently utilise the warm excess heat from the premises.

Tomas Wallström, Quality Manager at Volvo Buses:

− “We were very pleased with the results of the new facility. Everything from function and maintenance to the cleaner working environment in our premises.”