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Fumex nominated Company of the year at Alvargalan

Yesterday, the Alvargala announced the nominations for its annual business gala and we are proud to take a place as one of three companies in the “company of the year” category. The Alvargala is a tribute to companies, individuals and ideas within Skellefteå’s business life. Prizes are awarded in twelve different categories to companies, entrepreneurs and decision makers in Skellefteå who have succeeded in doing something extra during the year. It is a great honor to be recognized for our work and commitment to delivering high quality products and services to our customers. Thank you to everyone who supports us! We look forward to continuing our growth and keep developing together with you.

“It is honorable that it is the municipal board that nominates for this category. The criterias for this category are especially linked to local anchoring and we are happy that Fumex meet these. It has been important for Fumex to be locally owned and generate jobs in the area. Despite fierce competition on the job market in Skellefteå, our staff shows a loyalty that we really value. It enables our success and shows that it is possible to have the whole world as a playing field from northern Sweden.” – Lars Hedlund, Head of research & development

Motivation for Fumex nomination

Fumex was established almost 40 years ago and is now more of a world-leading manufacturer in environmental technology. Fumex has a long company history with strong local roots, they have grown strongly and doubled their turnover in 10 years regarding their production of extraction arms, filters and fans.

Fumex earlier wins att Alvargalan

  • 2019 Fumex winner in the Export company of the year.
  • 2023 Winner of Innovation company of the year.


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