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Summarizing 2023 and looking into the new year

After a well-need break during Christmas and New Year, we are back at our facilities to start 2024 in the best way possible. Actually, we have already received our first award of the year at the German Design Awards. In this article, we catch up with Fumex’s CEO Anders Hedlund, as he looks back at 2023 and what the new year might have in store for us.

What kind of year was 2023?

Economically, the year was affected by growing inflation and a weak Swedish crown, not to mention the war in Ukraine. Still, sales have been good in Sweden and most export markets. We have also managed to parry the challenges we encountered during the year, and I am very proud of everybody’s contribution, says Anders Hedlund.

Where have you seen the most significant development?

Our US-based subsidiary Movex has had an exceptional year with a great increase in volume and growth compared to prior years. Now, in 2024, we would like to strengthen our position in the North American region by adding more colleagues to the team. This is something we have done in both Germany and Sweden during the past year.

In 2023, you launched the new FUMEX PSS extraction arm. How has the market received it?

We have marketed the PSS digitally and live at the trade fairs we visited during the year. Being cleanroom certified, there’s a natural market demand from industries with high sanitary requirements, which we got to experience during the POWTECH expo in Nuremberg, Germany. Many customers were interested in the PSS, and we look forward to continue showcasing it in 2024.

But it also received an award, right?

Yes, it did. In 2023, FUMEX PSS was nominated for the German Design Awards, and we finally received our award in the end of January. It’s a great feeling, and we hope to keep building on our innovative and market-leading reputation.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Most certainly, it is the upcoming move to our new headquarters in Skellefteå. The construction is going according to plan, and right now, the office space is getting its walls set up. With the new facility, we have the opportunity to continue growing with more employees in production, technology, and sales. It will be a very exciting year, says Anders Hedlund.

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