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Fumex in its current form started its product development towards extraction arm, fans and filters as early as 1975 when the welding industry did not find products on the market that lived up to the then management's requirements for working environment. Even then, we knew about several of the risks of exposure to welding fumes, grinding dust and oil mist. We quickly realized that the challenge of developing evacuees of hazardous substances in gases or fumes must not stand in the way of staff safety.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is the authority in Sweden that has the task of the government and the Riksdag to oversee, enforce and ensure that laws on the work environment are complied with by companies and organizations.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority has produced a compilation of knowledge that aims to describe effects and diseases associated with inhalation of gases and particles generated during welding.

Dangers of welding fumes

In gas welding, for example, high levels of carbon monoxide can be formed which have suffocating properties. This type of welding can also generate nitrogen dioxide which can cause pulmonary edema.

Welding has been associated with several different diseases such as chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, siderosis and cardiovascular disease.

Inhalation of metals such as aluminum, lead and manganese can affect the central nervous system.
When welding stainless steel, hexavalent chromium compounds are formed that can cause cancer, asthma and affect reproduction.

Pregnant women must be protected from many substances in welding fumes, e.g. lead, cobalt, chromium, nickel and carbon monoxide.

Point extraction should always be used to prevent the spread of welding fumes to the rest of the room. Welders should always wear personal respiratory protection.

(Source: Swedish Work Environment Authority, Health effects of gases and particles during welding RAP 2013: 05)

Fumex products and expertise in the work environment

Authorities place high demands on our customers and their work with the work environment. We place even higher demands on ourselves and our products. The requirements we have had for several decades have given us experience and the opportunity to deliver flexible solutions, which has positioned us in the market as one of the leading players in research and development of the product range for improved work environment.

Fumex products can be adapted to most processes and air pollutants
We know that increased knowledge of and products for the evacuation of dangerous gases provides:

Reduced sick leave
Reduced share of early retirement
Higher performance in production environments
Higher quality of the end product
Lower energy cost
Hazardous substances in gases or fumes are not mixed with general ventilation

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