Fumex is the Innovation Company of the Year

Fumex has won the Innovation Company of the Year at the Alvar business gala in Skellefteå. The award was given during the gala night at the Wood Hotel on the 17th of March. Let’s hear what Anders Hedlund, CEO at Fumex, had to say.

Congratulations on receiving the award, Anders. How does it feel to be the Innovation Company of the Year?

It feels very good and proves that hard work and dedication pay off. In 2019, we won the Export Company of the Year, and it is always good to keep building momentum.

Why do you think Fumex won the award?

Over the years, we have built a culture where it is acceptable to have setbacks when daring to be great, and that has spurred us to keep testing, trying, even failing, and in the end, innovating.

How was the gala night?

It was great fun being there with the team and experiencing a fantastic dinner and live performances. I also got to catch up with old friends and business partners, which always is a good time.

So, which award will we go for the next time?

We could win any of them. Well, maybe, except for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, we’re old-timers!

The nomination reads:

Based on a solid long history, Fumex continues to find ways to renew itself. Great focus is placed on so-called additive manufacturing, where product prototypes are printed with 3D printers, which makes it possible to raise the level of function, customer benefit, and design. Because of Fumex’s independence in developing and manufacturing products, they maximize flexibility and quality, regardless of where the customers are located.


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