Fully stainless steel
extractor arm for demanding
work environments.

Smart and stylish design developed primarily for industries with stringent hygiene requirements, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. The design evolved from FUMEX’s fundamental principle on external support arms, which produce the lowest pressure drop and pose little risk of blockage.

Easy to clean

All surface finishing is high-gloss polished stainless steel, and the antistatic hose is fitted with quick-connectors, which makes PSS the easiest extractor arm to clean in the industry.

PSS advantages:

  • Acid-resistant, high-gloss polished steel
  • Quick hose connection
  • Detachable protective grille
  • Component-free airflow
  • Fully sealed profile
  • Few components
  • Food-grade hose
  • Permanent antistatic earthing

Available in lengths of 2/3/4 metres and in sizes of Ø100/160/200 mm.



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