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The ErP directive sets the European standard

The ErP is a directive from the European Union regarding energy-related products. It was passed as a directive during the year of 2009, and four years later it came to fruition. The purpose of ErP is to raise the standard of the whole supply chain, from design to production and usage, and thus reduce energy consumption in the member states of the Union.

At Fumex, we are responsible for our own production and making sure that every energy-related unit is designed and manufactured with the ErP as a minimum requirement. That is why we, after over 40 years in business, still work with local suppliers and design products in house.

Today, after analyzing the global landscape and increased emissions, we are more dedicated than ever to keep developing products and helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint – both inside and outside the Union.

To us, the ErP and CE marking is not a goal to reach, but a foundation to start from in order to become even better as a company and as your partner.

We look forward to keeping that commitment.

The Fumex Team