Research and development

The future of Movex is based on continuous development of high quality and innovative products. We are therefore constantly working on developing new products that are at the frontline of the market.

Product development that has a focus on the future

All our product innovation activities are aimed at creating a strong combination of function, customer value and aesthetics.

Our continuous product development efforts ensure that we remain differentiated from our competitors and safeguard our strong market position globally.

From idea to finished product

Thanks to a balanced team comprising experienced and highly dedicated employees, we can provide a high quality product range.

Our industrial design team and our engineering, sales and marketing specialists are continuously working on improving existing products and developing completely new ones.

Our experienced customers also contribute to our product development processes; they contribute to the development of our products through their specific requirements and also by ensuring that our product strategy is appropriate for the market conditions. This approach has made us one of the most adaptable companies in the industry.

Tool-based for design and function

Since 2006, we have placed great focus on tool-based manufacturing to further enhance the level of function and design in our products. Product prototypes are developed through so-called additive manufacturing (AT) and are printed using 3D printers according to our 3D models.

By using AT technology, we can develop complex solutions for the function, thereby increasing user-friendliness and customer value. The prototypes then undergo extensive testing to determine strength and material selection. When the desired level of quality and function has been achieved, tools that are customised for a serial production are developed.

By developing and manufacturing our products ourselves, we become faster, more flexible and are able to provide products that really meet customer needs – regardless of the type of environment or geographic location in the world.