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Invest in your employees with a safe work environment

For over 45 years Fumex has focused on providing industries, laboratories and other workplaces with a clean, healthy working environment. Today we do so on a global scale.

Back when we started our journey, there was little knowledge about how harmful airborne gases and particles affected workers. Thus, there were few restrictions telling us what we could do, let alone were bound to do. We just knew that we wanted to ensure workers’ health, and that we had the business capacity to do so.

“From day one, our strive put us on a trial and error journey. That innovative and challenging mindset is still making Fumex and our products a little bit better every day.”

Today, the fast-moving world we live in is hard to keep up with at times, for all of us. New techniques, materials and chemical compounds are defined every day, affecting our lives, environment and future. Rules and regulations must adapt to these new circumstances, and we must comply and follow their lead.

“New materials hit the market long before there are any guidelines for how to safely work with them. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait for these guidelines to know – and to do – what’s right.”

For Fumex, it’s a simple philosophy to protect ourselves and the people around us. As long as there are work environments in need of unhealthy air extraction and filtration, we will be on the frontline giving you the best products for a better workspace.

Our sincere advice to you is; Be wise, read up on new things that may be part of your guild. Share the information. Use your protective equipment, whether it’s personal or bound to a
specific workstation. It is put there to keep you healthy. If you believe your workspace is not safe enough, make sure to tell your employer. Have the company invest in your future. If you
are the employer, take care of your employees.

It will give you Pure Advantage.