Volvo Buses is one of the world’s largest bus manufacturers. With core values such as quality, safety and the environment, the company wants to develop innovative solutions that benefit both the industry and society in the future, and that make everyday life easier for people and cities – today and tomorrow.

To meet its ambitions, Volvo needs to be its core values in everything the company does. Everything from product development and manufacturing to the products and services themselves.

When they therefore wanted to expand their ventilation system to be able to maintain the same high quality in their production environment, the choice fell on Fumex.

The solution was parallel CFE dust filters for really large air flows where particles and welding fumes are effectively eliminated from an air volume of as much as 25,000m3 / h per unit. In addition with demand-controlled cleaning of the filter cartridges through efficient power pulse valves. Then the filters can also be cleaned during operation or through predefined cleaning cycles when the plant is not in operation.
The units were also connected to a heat exchanger to efficiently utilize the hot excess heat from the room.

Tomas Wallström, Quality Manager at Volvo Buses:
– We were very pleased with the results from the new facility. Everything from function and maintenance, to the cleaner working environment in our premises.