For almost 50 years, we at Fumex have provided our customers with effective products against airborne pollutants for a better working environment. Read below some examples of what our customers think of us and our products.

Combining technologies for the best work environment

When the Covid-19 outbreak started, laboratories and scientists worldwide were faced with many different challenges.... Read more

Waldner and Fumex are solving ventilation challenges in laboratories

Laboratories are places of exploration and innovation. A place where history can be written, i.e.... Read more

Fumex’s innovative extraction system is reducing VOORTMANN’s energy consumption

The German company VOORTMANN specializes in servicing business-critical industry functions such as control, compressed air,... Read more

Fumex and Ventilator Lab completes the Swedish Food Agency’s new laboratory

In 2018 the construction of Uppsala Science Park began, which would be the Swedish Food... Read more

The school of the future

Our hometown Skellefteå is growing at a fast pace. In 2016, the municipality began planning... Read more