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2021: Fumex year in review

Since the pandemic, the world has slowly been trying to get back to a normal state of mind. And even though we all have been affected by it, both personally and at work, we are glad to say that we made yet another successful year – healthwise and business. It is time to sum up 2021!

2021 has been the second consecutive year with limited opportunities to meet our customers, partners, and suppliers. But we got to meet some of you in Stuttgart during Schweisstec, and in both Chicago and New York. It was great to be back on the road, and we can’t wait until the rest of Europe, North America, and Asia open up!

During these extraordinary times, we set up a goal to parry the biggest impacts of the pandemic and use the extra time to prepare and plan our next move as soon as this is over. But we can already see the fruits of our labor! The revenue och results are just behind our 2019 number – which is our best year to this date.

A profitable fall and marketing activities 

The last months of 2021 were very profitable, not at least in Sweden. In September, we signed a deal with UMIA, to deliver a full-scale solution consisting of a substantial amount of extractor arms, big stationary particle filters combined with our control automation, and large fans to the vocational school in Kiruna, in northernmost Sweden. It’s one of our biggest projects ever, and we are glad that it is taking place on our “home turf”. Our subsidiaries in USA and Germany are living up to expectations and have been able to keep all employees busy. We are confident that they also will see a significant improvement in sales, as soon as society opens up completely!

2021 has also been a big year for our marketing department. We have established a stable social media presence, and we have increased the number of activities on each platform. We are also working on a brand new website and two company movies which will launch during the first quarter of 2022. Stay tuned for more information and their release!

New faces at Fumex

And finally, despite these times, we decided to hire new staff to take the next step with our product development department. When we see you again in 2022, we will launch an upgraded product range of stainless steel extraction arms for the pharmaceutical industry. The new product line also meets the high demands for food production and explosive environments, so-called ATEX environments.

At Fumex, we are optimistic about the future. And we are certain that the world will return to normal, sooner or later. But until then, we will do what we can to provide our customers with healthy work environments, our as we call it – Pure Advantage.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!