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2020: Fumex year in review

2020: Fumex year in review

Fumex has had a steady development since 1994. During the 26 years, we have increased our growth 24 times. The exceptions are 2008 with the financial crisis and now the pandemic year 2020. But still, we have many reasons to celebrate!

2020 has not been ordinary in any way, shape, or form. We entered the year with high expectations, as we broke our record in 2019. And we had an excellent start, with continued growth and high performances. Then Covid-19 hit, and nobody knew how it would affect us, our customers, society, and even the world. Today we are happy to say that we have done well.

– We saw a slowdown in spring and many ups and downs during the remaining year. Despite these obstacles, we have managed to make our second-best result ever! Our employees have never had to worry about the next working day; we are very thankful for that, says Anders Hedlund, CEO at Fumex.

At the Skellefteå facilities, our product development has continued to move forward. Our mantra is that new solutions must be useful, so we have listened to our customers about their needs.

– Having good relationships with your customers is not only crucial for business, but product development and innovation as well. They are the ones using your products on a daily basis, so they know what to expect every time. In 2020, we released new products that we hope can set a new business standard, says Anders.

To conclude 2020, it has been about managing what is possible and making small yet impactful changes.

– Our priority has been to guarantee the best service possible, despite a pandemic. It’s about doing a little better every day and seeing opportunities instead of problems. I think that is why we have had such a good year, Anders continues.

In 2021, Fumex is planning for another stable year, depending on how the pandemic is playing out.

– We will have plenty of time to continue improving in 2021, but we also have a high level of preparedness for ups and downs. One thing is for sure, we still have much work to do, and if there is one thing we learned in 2020, it is that a safe working environment and clean air still is a priority, Anders concludes.