We are specialists of
local extractors – fans – filters
for all working environments

Meet us at the Nordbygg fair 2018

We exhibit our range of products at the Nordbygg fair – the largest and most…

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Fumex at ArabLab 2018

Once again we visit ArabLab in Dubai between 18-21 / 3. ArabLab is hosted at…

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Hose reel ASE 130

Manual exhaust hose reel with hose Ø200 mm. The ASE 130 is optimized for worksites with large stationary vehicles.


Products that make a difference

Part of our success is due to our strong focus on product development. Design, material selection and production technology are all areas in which we excel. The market’s broadest range of extractor arm types and sizes enable us to help our customers attain optimal solutions to their particular needs.

Our products provide documented improved and healthier working environments. This promotes healthier and more motivated personnel with fewer work-related absences due to illness. Lower energy and heating costs are other examples of what our products can mean for users.


Benefits without delay

In today’s society, time is in short supply. We try to make more time for our partners and customers. When acute work environment problems demand prompt answers and measures, we’re there to help. Construction and installation projects that aren’t progressing as planned should not be slowed because of delivery delays.

We want to be known for high level of service, substantial flexibility and fast deliveries. Our ambitions are high and we’re constantly working to become even better at helping our customers and partners. We can accomplish this thanks to our skilled and experienced staff – fully committed to continuous development and growth – and our flexible and speedy production.


A close partner

We offer the market closeness that’s hard to beat. Our close collaboration with our distributors is the reason why. Through our collective expertise, we always strive to provide the best solutions for our end-customers. The right product for the right environment is determined so installation can take place as planned.


  • Focus on product development

  • The market’s broadest range of extractor arm types and sizes

  • High level of service, substantial flexibility and short delivery times

  • Right product in the right environment